A day in a Bhutanese farmhouse

Early in the morning you will be greeted by the rising sun and twittering of busy birds. Normally at this time, the farmhouse owners will also have risen up and will in all probability be puttering around the day’s house chores.

You will complete your ablutions (usually you will wash up with a bowl of water warmed over the fire place) and have a traditional breakfast with suja (butter tea).

After breakfast, you can go ahead with your day excursion in the town outskirts or take part in the daily house-chores such as herding the livestock, picking up mushrooms (depending on season), working in the field/garden, or cooking Bhutanese meals for lunch and dinner.

After an exhausting but productive day, you can take a warm bath in a wooden bath tub or if possible, a hot-stone bath with all its relaxing and therapeutic medicinal properties.

End the day, with conversation, laughter and a delicious dinner around a bukari (steel stove) with the host family.


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