American tourist arrivals in top form once again

American tourist arrivals surpassed Japanese tourists last year, while in 2012 it was just the opposite. In 2013, of the 52,798 visitors there were 6,927 Americans. In 2012, there were 6,967 Japanese visitors. The reason attributed for this massive influx of Japanese tourists was Their Majesties’ visit to Japan and subsequent promotions by the Tourism Council of Bhutan. Last year, the second largest number of visitors was from China with 4,764 visitors. Last year was also the year, which saw Chinese visitors outnumbering the Japanese visitors in the last four years. In 2011, American arrivals still topped with 6,226 visitors. However, despite increase in arrivals from neighbouring countries, western countries like the USA, UK and Germany always figured high on the list thus contributing to higher revenue. Last year, 116,224 international and regional tourists visited the country, an increase by about 10 percent or 10,810 tourists from the previous year. Of the total arrivals, 44,267 were international (Dollar paying) tourists, 8,531 under international business, while the rest 63,426 were regional tourists.

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