“Clean Bhutan” project to kickstart on Feb.6

The “Clean Bhutan” project will be launched on Feb.6 starting with Thimpchhu. The project will involve two rafts, 300 volunteers and 20 project staff. Starting from Lingkana, the cleaning programme will stretch till the sewerage in Babesa. The project website will also be launched on the same day. Meanwhile, the volunteers will be divided into groups. Some will raft on the waters while the others will walk along the riverbank collecting garbage. The project coordinator told local media that they would keep track of the garbage, segregate and recycle it. All rivers and streams in Thimphu will be cleaned twice a month. The project is divided into three phases: Thimphu and Paro rivers, Thimphu and Paro trekking routes and Thimphu and Paro thromdes. Each project will be piloted for three years. Lyonchhoen Tshering Tobgay announced the “Clean Thimphu” and “Keep Thimphu Green” projects as waste management plans to preserve Bhutan’s pristine environment, last month.

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