Different types of Kabneys (ceremonial scarves)

1. A white scarf with fringes is for commoners.

2. A white scarf with fringes and a red band running lengthwise down the middle, with one, two or three red stripes across it, is worn by an assistant district administrator (Dzongrab, Dungpa).

3. A white scarf with fringes and two broad, red, vertical borders is called a khamar and is worn by village chiefs, the gups.

4.A red scarf without fringes is worn by a Dasho.

4. Judges wear a dark green scarf.

5.Members of the National Assembly and National Council wear a dark blue scarf.

6. Deputy ministers and Ministers wear an orange scarf without fringes.

7. The King and the Je Khenpo, the head abbot of the country wear a saffron, yellow scarf.

8. All high-ranking officials wear a swaod.

Women wear a red striped scarf with fringes on their left shoulder.

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