Druk Air resumes domestic flights to Bumthang

Scheduled flights to Bumthang which were stopped by the national airline Drukair in June resumed yesterday. The monsoon season had disrupted flight operations causing temporary stoppage. The twin turbo propeller ATR aircraft is also used on some international routes namely Bangladesh, India and Nepal.  The authorities explained that, when the early morning domestic flights were delayed as a result of bad weather, these international flights scheduled for later in the day were also being delayed or cancelled. However, the airline still carried out additional or charter flights to Bumthang when required. Scheduled domestic flights to Bumthang will now be available until the next monsoon season. The airline flies on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays to Bumthang. Flights are currently not available to the country’s other two domestic airports in Trashigang and Sarpang. Yonphula airport in Trashigang is closed at least until 2016 for major re-structural work, while more infrastructure and security arrangements have to be constructed at Gelephu.

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