Is Bhutan Expensive?


Many times people have the misconception that visiting Bhutan is expensive, or that the process of visiting Bhutan is “hard”. There’s little truth to that as we break down and share with you the actual cost of visiting Bhutan. 

Cost Break Down

Imagine that you have decided to visit Bhutan for four days. In these four days you will see Paro and Thimphu, and do a variety of activities from sightseeing to hiking. The entire trip, which includes accommodations–a minimum 3-star hotel stay, meals, transportation, a personal guide, the Sustainable Developmental Fee (SDF)– the government fee, the list goes on– cost only 1,610USD.

Your trip to Bhutan is sustainable by nature. The majority of what you pay goes to the government, which then funds education and health care for the Bhutanese people. 

The Process

The process of visiting Bhutan is by far, one of the easiest processes that exist in visiting another country. All you have to do is get in touch with a registered travel company. Once you communicate your trip plans, the travel company handles the rest.

Government regulations benefit travelers as well. Expect to experience pure, genuine travel. Whether in the quality of the air you breath, the friendships you develop on your trip, or the rich customs and cultures you will witness. What one experiences in Bhutan is unmatched anywhere else in the world.

That is why, we encourage you to travel with the best in the industry.

At Little Bhutan, we ensure utmost comfort and care. From pre- to post-visit plans, every detail matters. Whether it’s dietary preferences or celebrating birthdays, we aspire to make a difference in your trip.

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