Mt. Jumolhari festival to be an annual event

This year, the two-day Mt. Jumolhari festival which will now be an annual event ended on October 24. It was held at the Jhomolhari base camp at Dangochong where people of Soe Yutoe and Soe Yaksa performed traditional Bhutanese dances followed by display of local products like cheese, chugo (dried cheese), philu (large rectangular cheese slab, normally preferred dried) and tents made from yak wool. The second day of the festival had more than 100 participants trekking to glaciers and lakes around bases of mountains Jhomolhari, Jichudrakey and Tsherimgang. The festival was organized by the the snow leopard committee formed last October comprising 18 households in Soe Yaksa and 28 households in Soe Yutoe.

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