Take a look at those treks!

  1. Druk Path: Currently the most popular trek in Bhutan. The main attractions are the monasteries, the fine alpine scenery and the convenient length between Thimphu and Paro.
  2. Jhomolhari trek: It has two different versions and almost half of the trekkers end up following one of the routes. The trek affords an excellent opportunity to see yaks, high-mountain scenery and high passes.
  3. Laya to Gasa:  This trek allows you to observe the unique Layap communities, Bhutan’s highlanders, and Bhutan’s national animal – the Takin.
  4. Bumthang cultural trek: A fine short walk that takes you through beautiful forests but it is fast losing popularity due to construction of roads in the region.
  5. Snowman Trek:  This is a tough 25-day trek and one of the world’s ultimate. It’s also the country’s most expensive trek.

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