The Thirteen Arts of Bhutan

1. Shingzo (Carpentry): Skilled carpenters are involved in construction activities including building dzongs, houses and temples. They also make tools.

2. Dozo (Masonry): Building of dzongs, stupas, temples, millstones and stone pestles.

3. Parzo(Carving):Wood, stone and slate carving.

4. Lhazo (Painting): Painting of thangkas (religious pictures), murals, frescoes in temples and dzongs as well as the images on the exterior walls of Bhutanese homes.

5. Jinzo (Sculpture):  Statues, molded offerings (tormas), masks worn by Tsechu dancers.

6. Lugzo (Casting): Production of musical instruments, statues, tools, kitchen utensils, pottery, and jewelry.

7. Garzo (Blacksmithing): Production of axes, plough blades, chains, knives and swords.

8. Troko (Gold and silver smithing): Production of all ornaments made from gold, silver and copper.

9.Tshazo (Bamboo work): Include Bangchung (covered bowls used to carry food),palang (used to store beer/liquor), tshesip (box), belo (small hat), redi (mat), luchu (used for storing grain), balep (bamboo thatch) and the bow and arrow.

10. Thangzo (Weaving): Largest craft industry in Bhutan in terms of variety and number of crafts people involved.

11. Tshemzo (Embroidery): Two categories: First are those items sewn and embroidered. The second refers to applique and patchwork items.

12. Shagzo (Wood turning): Production of wooden bowls, dapa (serving dishes), wooden plates, buckets, ladles and phop (cups).

13. Dezo (Paper making): Art of making paper from the Daphne plant.


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