Three-day SAARC Lit. Festival in December

The SAARC Literary Festival is going to be held in Taba, Thimphu from 18 to 20 December 2013. This festival will provide a platform to the novelists, writers, literary critics, and literary enthusiasts in the region to share their thoughts, insights, voice their concerns and learn from the experts of South Asian novels.

The theme of the festival is what makes South Asian Novel distinct from the rest and a review of the current trends in the South Asian literary zone. The festival would have presentations, book reviews, lectures, discussions and book reading sessions. The SAARC Cultural Centre has invited all the member states to send 5-10 novelists as official nominees except Bhutan which will nominate a maximum of 15. The last date for sending the nominations is 30 November 2013. The festival will be held in English. The festival will also be an open forum for writers as well as literary critics to discuss the current status of South Asian novel and to  explore the cultural uniqueness of the South Asian novel.


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