Top Three Treks in Bhutan


  1. Jumolhari Trek

This magical mountain trek takes you to the base of Mount Jumolhari, the second highest unconquered peak in the world revered by local yak herders in the north as the abode of their mythical goddess “Jomo”.

The classic nine-night trek starts off at the Drukgyal Dzong ruins and progresses on northwards along the old caravan route through a forest of rhododendrons. You then climb the valley with its glistening glacial streams up through grassy meadows to the base of Jumolhari.

After exploring a nearby mountain’s glacier, you cross the Nyele La Pass (4870m) to reach the remote fort of Lingshi. On the way you will get breath-taking views of Jichu Drake (6989m) and Tshrim Khang (6789m). Then we turn southwards to cross Yale La Pass (4930m) before descending to Thimphu. You will get to pass nomadic villages and perhaps view wildlife like the blue sheep en route.

Tigers were recently sighted here so you might just see them.





  1. Druk Path Trek

Passing through picturesque natural landscape dotted with blue pine forests, high ridges, and crystalline lakes, the trek is the most popular in Bhutan and lasts for two to five nights.  It also offers the trekkers the opportunity to visit ancient monuments like dzongs and lhakhangs.

From the passes, you get distant but all-encompassing views of either Thimphu or Paro. In season, you can see whole hill-sides covered with rhododendrons blooming in varied colors.

Except for the first two nights, you will be camping next to clear lakes.

The Druk Path Trek is a comparatively easy trek as the distances between rest camps are fairly short. You will be trekking through forests of fir, blue pine and dwarf rhododendrons at altitudes ranging between 2400-4200 m. On the third day, hikers will arrive at Jimilang Tsho, home to fresh-water trout.

Hikers can also get stunning views of Mt. Gangkar Puensum, the highest unscaled peak in the world. The best times for the Druk Path Trek are between March-June and September-November.





  1. Laya-Gasa Trek

With altitudes ranging from 2850m to 3900m, the trek offers a great variety of sights and trekking conditions, from scenic farmland and forests to alpine pastureland and high passes.

Beneath some of Bhutan’s most impressive peaks, such as the Mt. Jumolhari and Mount Jichu Drake, you come across wonderful campsites including numerous isolated Dzongs and scattered settlements, including the nomadic village Laya where you can interact with the yak-herders.

There is also the possibility of encountering wildlife including the blue sheep, marmots, musk deer and the national animal, the Takin. If you are lucky enough, you could glimpse a snow leopard or great Himalayan bear. The trek lasts for 13 days.

The best season for this trek is April-May and mid-September to mid-November.


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