Recreational activities you should not miss in Bhutan

  1. Tsechus – Tourists get to see Bhutanese dressed in their finest attire at religious gatherings called Tsechus. A number of colourful mask dances are performed here to purify the onlookers.
  2. Cultural tours – Visiting dzongs and monuments built in the 17th century is a good past time for any one who would love to get a glimpse of Bhutanese history and architecture.
  3. Photography – Bhutan is a photographer’s paradise. From snow-capped mountain peaks to rhododendron blossoms and rosy-cheeked giggling children, your lenses get to capture it all!
  4. Bird watching – Bhutan has an estimated 770 species of birds to delight you whether you are a casual birder, an ornithologist or a bird photographer.
  5. Botanical tours – Bhutan has 7,000 vascular plants, 360 orchid species, 46 species of rhododendron and 500 species of medicinal plants.
  6. Mountain Biking – Bhutan offers one of the best mountain biking experiences with breath taking landscapes and pristine natural air.
  7. Hiking – Short hikes is one of the best ways to explore the country’s natural beauty.
  8. Trekking – Trekking in Bhutan can take you to altitudes as high as 5,500m through spectacular views of snow, mountains, untouched lakes and flora.

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