Top Books on Bhutan

The Raven CrownThe Raven Crown

The Raven Crown by Michael Aris: It is an account of the modern history of Bhutan as seen by the 20th-century Wangchuk dynasty, which has ruled the kingdom since 1907. Based on Bhutanese chronicles, this informative book features 106 rare historic photographs from archives in Bhutan and the United Kingdom. Originally published in 1994. The late Michael Aris lived in Bhutan as a historian and tutor of the children of the royal family. [View on]

Treasures of the Thunder Dragon

Treasures of the Thunder Dragon

Treasures of the Thunder Dragon by Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck: Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck’s portrait of her country is a captivating blend of personal memoir, history, folklore and travelogue. It provides unique and intimate insights into Bhutanese culture and society, with its vivid glimpses of life in Bhutan’s villages and hamlets, monasteries and palaces. Her engaging account of her childhood, growing up in a village in western Bhutan and the changes she witnessed when the country decided to end its isolation also tells  of Bhutan’s rapid transition from a medieval kingdom to a modern nation within the space of a decade. [View on]

The Hero with a Thousand Eyes

The Hero with a Thousand EyesThe Hero with a Thousand Eyes by Karma Ura:The book concerns a fictional minister of Bhutan, born in the 1930’s and serving under three different kings. More than a story, it is a historical narrative of Bhutanese political and culture life from that period until the late 70’s. The main character works hard, sleeps with married women, he has his dad pull strings to get the woman divorced and married to him, then he repeats with another woman. [View on]


 The Circle of Karma

The Circle of KarmaThe Circle of Karma by Kunzang Choden: The Circle of Karma is the first novel by a Bhutanese woman. The novel tells the story of Tsomo, a young Bhutanese woman who embarks on the difficult and lonely journey of life. Tsomo’s travels, which begin after her mother’s death, take her away from her family, and leads her across Bhutan and into India. All the while, Tsomo seeks to find herself and a life partner, and grows as a person and a woman. [View on]



Bhutan, Kingdom of the Dragon

Bhutan: Kingdom of the DragonBhutan, Kingdom of the Dragon by Robert Dompnier: In the remote Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, Buddhist values guide everyday life, and the rulers are believed to have a special relationship with gods and saints. Here are Bhutan’s arts, architecture, rivers, streets, and scenes from Bhutanese daily life, presented by a Himalayan scholar. One hundred and forty colour photographs show the landscapes, monasteries, dwellings, people, and craftwork of this remote and seldom visited country.  [View on]

Roar of the Thunder Dragon

Roar of the Thunder DragonRoar of the Thunder Dragon by Lyonpo Om Pradhan:The Roar of the Thunder Dragon is a book that chronicles events that have  led to the nation existing as a sovereign entity today.The 256-page book tells how a nation was born and its fight for survival with hitherto unknown insights into the east, south and external relationships.The book is a store of information on some of the country’s treaties, proclamations and submissions.The author has served the royal government for over three decades.

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