Bhutan in the World Transplant Games

Tashi Namgay BhutanThis year Bhutan will be represented at the 18th World Transplant Games in Goteborg, Sweden on June 17 to 24 for the first time.

Tashi Namgay, 26, working in Thimphu will participate in 100 meters and 200 meters. He will be one among 1000 transplanted athletes from 50 different countries around the world participating in this years World Transplant Games. The Games will have 13 different sports categories such as golf, marathon, cycling and floor ball. The participants will participate according to the age categories from six to 70 year olds.

The World Transplant Game is organised by World Transplant Games Federation, officially recognized by the International Olympic Committee. People who have had an organ transplant can participate in the World Transplant Games.

Tashi Namgay has been living with one kidney since 2006. He is a renal allograft recipient (kidney recipient). He has been living a normal life and has recently fathered a beautiful daughter.

The World Transplant Games is organised to motivate organ transplant by stating that they can live a normal life. It also focuses on the transplant situation in different countries.

Bhutan has more than 90 kidney recipients.

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