Six Bhutanese souvenirs you must collect

  1. Thangkas – They are religious banners painted according to traditional iconographic criteria.
  2. Fabrics – Bhutanese textiles are a collector’s item. They are the pride of Bhutan and range from plain cotton to tapestries of silk designs.
  3. Jewelry and silverware – Wooden alcohol-receptacles mounted and decorated with beaten silver, and containers used to prepare betel nut or little round boxes to hold lime are quite popular.
  4. Woodwork – Wooden wall decorations and small tables called chodoms are beautiful and worth collecting. Other woodwork includes masks and turned-wood bowls.
  5. Bamboo and rattan wares – Tea or alcohol strainers, conical hats, quivers, tall baskets for serving rice and other bamboo products are cheap and easily available.
  6. Paper and books – Handmade, Bhutanese paper is excellent for doing calligraphy or as gift-wrapping.


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