Bhutanese traditional wear

The cheapest fabrics are plain cotton, while the most expensive are hand-woven masterpieces, covered with silk or cotton embroidery.

A large choice of machine-woven fabrics is available in the market. These come at cheaper rates than the hand-woven ones, which take intensive work and extended periods of time to produce.

A woman’s kira is a simple rectangular piece of cloth 2.5 by 1.5 metres. It comes with an onju (inner blouse) and tego (open jacket). The kira is wound around the body and secured at the shoulders by a pair of silver or gold clasps and gathered in at the waist by a wide belt.

A man’s gho is cut somewhat like an ankle length kimono. It’s pulled up to the knees and fastened at the waist by a narrower belt, forming a large pouch above the abdomen.


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