Does the yeti dwell in the Himalayas?

Mythic HImalayan Yeti
Mythic HImalayan Yeti

DNA research on hair samples found at two different Himalayan locations has led scientists to believe that the abominable snowman or the “Yeti” possibly exists.

While one sample was the mummified remains a hunter shot down in Ladakh, northern India on the west of the Himalayas, 40 years ago, the other was from Bhutan, 1,285km (800 miles) further east.

The second sample was in the form of a single hair, found in a bamboo forest by an expedition of filmmakers around 10 years ago.

The DNA tests were carried out by Oxford University genetics professor Bryan Sykes and explore the possibility of the legendary Himalayan yeti being in fact a sub-species of brown bear descended from an ancestor of the polar bear.



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