Must-visit eateries in Bhutan

  1. Swizz Bakery – One of the oldest eateries in the capital, this one boasts of a cozy ambience. You may like to try out the special omelet with cheese or the variety of burgers that come with cheese, egg, salami and ham fillings.
  2. Café Klein – Another restaurant that is modestly done but has good pizza, French fries, a variety of sandwiches, burgers and spaghetti. Don’t miss the Goulash soup – a nourishing beef and vegetable stew.
  3. Ambient Café – A very comfortable space with unobtrusive music, Wi-Fi and good coffee. The place offers you a choice of sandwiches, confectionaries and beverages.
  4. The Zone – If you would like to look around while eating, The Zone has space for “eating out”. One of the more frequented eateries in town, it offers you a choice of continental and Bhutanese dishes.
  5. Chopstick – You may have to rush for a seat but the food (Chinese as the restaurant name suggests) is palatable and the rates are reasonable. Try out the beef and cheese momos, fried Chicken and shredded pork.
  6. Plum’s Café: Above the main junction, its specialties are the traditional ema-datse (chili with cheese), shamu dates (mushrooms and cheese) and fried nakey (ferns)
  7. Khamsa Coffee: Treat yourself to waffles and ice cream.
  8. Musk Restaurant: Located at the clock tower, the menu comprises mostly traditional fare but there are also a few Thai and Indian dishes.
  9. Seasons Restaurant: Most famous for its excellent pizzas and desserts.
  10. Zombala: For the best momos in town!
  11. Chula: The most famous restaurant in town when it comes to Indian food. Try the chicken karai, tikka masal and paneer tikka!
  12. Tandin Hotel: One of the oldest hotels in town, try out the butter naan, sikum datse, shakam datse and garlic fried rice.
  13.  Cypress Hotel: Famous for its Nepali food  including thalis.
  14. Karma’s Coffee: A US-style coffeehouse with full range of espresso drinks, brownies and daily food specials.
  15. Baan Thai: Offers excellent Thai food that is usually spicy.

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