Bhutanese quirks at a glance!

  1. Bhutanese simply love to chew doma (areca nut with betel leaves and a dash of lime). It is offered as a gesture of respect or courtesy. So the next time you see blood red stains by a side walk you know what to blame!
  2. Bhutanese love chili! Perhaps this is the only country in the world where chili is consumed as a vegetable. And the spicier it gets, the better!
  3. Alcohol forms almost a staple diet for a traditional Bhutanese family especially in the rural areas. And when there is a festival, the more wine the merrier!
  4. Paintings of the phallus adorn Bhutanese house walls and it would be no surprise if you came across a wooden one hanging from a roof. The Bhutanese believe that it wards off the evil eye.
  5. The Bhutanese usually prefer to evade an issue than say “No” directly as it is a sign of disrespect.
  6. When you offer something to a Bhutanese and he refuses, keep on insisting until he accepts. Accepting gifts at first go is a sign of crude behaviour!
Doma Pan
Doma Pan (areca nut with betel leaves and a dash of lime)


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