“Happiness Flag” unveiled at FIFA World Cup 2014


Images of 198 Bhutanese who sent their photos made it to the largest ever, digitally produced photomosaic Happiness Flag at Arena de Sau Paulo ahead of the opening FIFA World Cup 2014 match.  Thirty two countries are represented by their national football team in the match but the faces of football fans from 207 countries made it on to the pitch.

The flag is part of the Coca Cola 2014 FIFA World Cup campaign, “The World’s Cup” launched with the goal of creating the most inclusive FIFA World Cup Coca Cola campaign ever. Over 200,000 fan images were used to produce the flag. Its unique design was created by Brazilian street artist Spetoin in collaboration with Argentenian artist Tec. The flag was digitally developed by Robert Silvers.

The Happiness Flag was placed on the pitch in front of an estimated global audience of over 1 billion. Formed of 192 printed nylon fabric panels, the flag was stitched together to produce a 3,015 sq.m epic work of art.

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