New trade routes identified in Indo-Bhutan bilateral talks

A bypass to Samdrupjongkhar and Pasakha from India was one of the major issues discussed in yesterday’s bilateral talks with India. This decision was given paramount importance, as it would reduce transportation costs and ease traffic congestion in Phuentsholing and the neighbouring Indian town of Jaigoan. Clearing private land and forest in India would take time therefore so would the bypass construction. The route will begin from the highway at Bolan Chopati, near Mangalabari in Jalpaiguri district to Toribari or Pasakha industrial Estate. Meanwhile Matanga industrial estate in Samdrupjongkhar is to be directly connected to Bokajuli in Assam without having to pass through Samdrupjongkhar town. Additional railway points were also identified along with other entry points. This was done as per the agreement between India and Bhutan to facilitate smooth trade between the two countries. The economic affairs secretary Dasho Sonam Tshering  headed the Bhutanese delegation while Indian commerce and industry secretary, S R Rao led the Indian delegation.

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