Tickling your taste bud with yak meat

Bhutan Yak Steak
Bhutan Yak Steak

Quickly seared, thinly sliced yak with Chef’s version of Bhutan’s most popular dish ‘ema datsi’ (chilli and cheese) toppings is a new creation introduced at Amankora in Thimphu.

Yak has become a signature dish on the menus of Amankora lodges across Bhutan. Amankora lodges are renowned for using local ingredients.

Yak dishes range from yak carpaccio, Asian spiced yak broth to yak burgers.

Yak meat is 95 percent fat free, rich in omega 3 oils and has 40 percent more protein than beef.

Yak dishes are generally served with hogay, a traditional Bhutanese salad made of cucumber, tomatoes, local peppers and fresh cheese.

Yak meat has a very mild flavor and is preferred over beef by most. It is more expensive then beef.

Yaks cannot survive below 3,500 meters so they are mostly found in higher altitudes.

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