Trekking in the Himalayas: The Druk Path Trek

The Druk Path Trek can be taken throughout the year. It is also one of the easier treks in comparison to other treks, due to its soft elevation and other contributing factors. 

Guests spend about eight nights and nine days on the trek, passing elevations of 2,200 meters to 4,200 meters. Some of the days are used for simply enjoying nature and relaxing. This is the most important part of the trek as we believe that guests should be able to take time to appreciate and reap the benefits of nature, and also their daily trek achievement (a trek in the Himalayas is no easy feat) over simply “completing” the trek. One may also star-gaze or sit by the bonfire at Jimi Langtsho, provided suitable weather conditions. 

History of the Trek

Suited for both novices and seasoned trekkers, the Druk Path Trek follows an ancient mule track connecting Thimphu and Paro. It played a significant role in facilitating trade between Bhutan and Tibet. After Bhutan opened its door to tourism in the 1970s, the path gained popularity amongst international travelers. 

Since then, government-led initiatives have focused on infrastructure development. This included building trekking lodges, improving trail conditions, and implementing safety measures for trekkers. All while keeping in mind the environment, providing initiatives to educate trekkers about local culture, traditions, and environmental conservation. These efforts aim to promote responsible and sustainable tourism development in the region. 

Opportunities of the Trek:

  • Picturesque view of Thimphu and Paro Valley 
  • Visit multiple lakes, which are considered holy in Bhutan
  • Immerse into old Bhutan
  • Spectacular view of Mount Jomolhari, Jichu Drake, and Gangkar Punsum
  • Walk through forests of Rhododendrons, Blue Pine, and Blue Poppy – Bhutan’s national flower! 

Guests have the flexibility to start their trek from either Paro or Thimphu. They also have the flexibility to cut their trek short, by exiting via Jimi Langstsho to Jimena. 

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