Devotees receive Blessings at Tamzhing phala festival in Bumthang

The three days tamzhing phala festivals in Bumthang ended on 26th of september in Bumthnag which draws hundreds of crowds every year beecause of the various blessings from the prominent lamas

The phakpa Wang(pakpa meaning the animal hide and wang meaning blessings) is one sock of blessing stuffed cylinderical worn out animal hide which resembles aswellon baseball club, which is locally known as Tseu mara.

Two Adult mask man carring each of the 3kgs padding send it in full swing on the back of the devotees, for the masked man it’s a test of their strength, while for devotees it is about their ability to withstand thier blows. however they go gentle on women and children.

The phakpa wang is held on the last day of the annual phala choepa festival.

A devotees from tamshing said the wang exicted in samya in tibet in the 16th century and was brought to bumthang by the peling linage in 1960s when tibet was invaded by china.

The devotees says that pakpa wang was unlike any other blessing because it was solely done by the mask dancers from the monestery and the blessing had the magical properties of curing joints pains and other body aches.

The three days festival ended with Sungtrul Rinpoche blessing the people.


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