Facts about Bhutan’s natural resources

Here are some interesting facts about Bhutan’s pristine natural resources as presented by Kuenzang Tshering of International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development in Bhutan’s national newspaper, Kuensel:

  1. The whole country is located within one of 34 designated global biodiversity hotspots.
  2. Fifty percent of the country’s geographical area is protected.
  3. Almost 70% of Bhutan’s population live in the rural areas.
  4. Glaciers in northern Bhutan and other water bodies like rivers, streams, and lakes cover nearly 11% of the country’s total surface area.
  5. From 2011, hydropower generation accounted for 13.92% of the total GDP.
  6. Bhutan emits approximately 1.5M tonnes of carbon annually while its forests absorb approximately 6.3 M tonnes

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